Procam has a long and rich history with Indian sports. Our extensive portfolio includes leading talent recognition, career management, contract negotiation, and branding for athletes and sportspersons which put us on the top of the world’s playing field year on year.

Procam’s mission to make people happier through an active and engaged lifestyle has been centred around the pillars of community, philanthropy, creating a platform to boost Indian athletics, and promoting health and fitness in the country.

Over the last two decades, participative sport in India has grown to become a part of almost every city’s fabric. This has inspired us not just to create, but to collaborate with properties that are engaging communities and positively impacting local and hyper-local environments.

We have created the Buddy Race Program to collaborate with existing running properties from different parts of the country and work together to enhance aspects like sponsorships, communication, strategic planning, philanthropy, runner experience, technology enablement, and various other avenues.

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Calendar 2021

Powai Run – 14-21 March 2021

Other Initiatives

An extra step changes everything | Anil Singh | TEDxPanchgani

Managing Director of Procam International and a true personification of resolute persistence, Anil Singh shares an inspiring story revealing the undeniable power of participative sport and how it ushered the running revolution across the length and breadth of our nation.

TCS Vivek Singh Interview

In conversation with the world-renowned commentary duo- Rob Walker and Tim, Jt Managing Director of Procam, Vivek Singh sheds light on the evolution of the running sport and the significant way it has caught on with the Indian populous. Join him as he shares the heartening social and sporting impact that mass participation has on individual lives and societies as a collective.

Beyond The Finish Line

Through ‘Beyond the Finish Line’, Procam and GoSports Foundation endeavour to recognise important landmarks achieved in sporting events to bring untold, character-defining stories to the public domain. The initiative also showcases the contributions of individuals and corporate houses to the great sporting heritage of India. Sportspersons of international repute such as Carl Lewis, Paula Radcliffe, Marion Bartolli, Marie-José Pérec and Elana Meyer have lent their support to the cause

Elite Distance Running Programme 2015

Procam launched the Elite Distance Running Programme in collaboration with the Sports Authority of India (SAI) in 2014 with an aim to facilitate local talent to reach the world standard of running. This nationwide program takes place at the Mecca of distance running, Kenya.