2019 – 2020

One of a kind running program where exceptional amateur runners get recognized and rewarded for their dedication and hard work in all Procam International promoted running events.

PROCAM SLAM 2019 - 2020


To become a Procam Slam Champion (starting April 2019):

  1. A runner needs to participate and complete the respective feature race in each of the 4 Procam Running events, starting April 2019.
  2. To become a Procam Slam Champion, runner needs to complete the appended feature race categories within the defined finish time cut-off:
    1. Open 10K in under 1 hr 30 mins @ TCS World 10K Bengaluru
    2. Half Marathon in under 3 hrs 30 mins @ Airtel Delhi Half Marathon
    3. 25K Run in under 4 hrs @ Tata Steel Kolkata 25K
    4. Marathon in under 6 hrs & 30 mins @ Tata Mumbai Marathon
  3. A runner can start his/her Procam Slam cycle by participating in any of the 4 Procam running events and running the subsequent three distance running events promoted by Procam.
  4. For the Procam Slam Cycle to be deemed complete, the runner has to run the 4 consecutive races. Where any is/are missed, the Procam Cycle will need to be reinitiated and the runner needs to once again run all 4 consecutive Procam running events without a break.
  5. Procam slam will have 8 leaderboards* – (Male & Female):
    1. Leaderboard (Bengaluru- Mumbai cycle) – For runners starting Procam Slam with 1st event being TCS World 10K Bengaluru and finishing the cycle with 4th running event, Tata Mumbai Marathon.
    2. Leaderboard (Delhi- Bengaluru cycle) For runners starting Procam Slam with 1st event being Airtel Delhi Half Marathon and finishing the cycle with 4th running event, TCS World 10K Bengaluru.
    3. Leaderboard (Kolkata- Delhi cycle) For runners starting Procam Slam with 1st event being Tata Steel Kolkata 25K and finishing the cycle with 4th running event, Airtel Delhi Half Marathon.
    4. Leaderboard (Mumbai – Kolkata cycle) For runners starting Procam Slam with 1st event being Tata Mumbai Marathon and finishing the cycle with 4th running event, Tata Steel Kolkata 25K.
    5. Each leaderboard will get updated with top 20 male and female finishers based on aggregate net finish times, post 21 working days of each race.
  6. For Procam Slam, email:

Running Kit

Running kit: One specially designed running kit consisting of a track suit, t-shirt and a cap, bearing the Procam Slam logo.

Choose your special number

Choose your special number: Runners completing the slam (all 4 events) will get to choose a running number, and that number will be blocked for them across all 4 races for a period of 4 years,(subject to number availability).

Procam Slam Medal

Procam Slam Medal to all finishers who complete all 4 races successfully.

Procam Slam Frame

Procam Slam Frame: One free race day photograph from each event part of the Procam Slam, with the respective event Ambassador’s digital signature, framed with the Procam slam medal. (Subject to the photo being captured on race day).

Procam Slam Certificate

Procam Slam Certificate Specially designed certificate will be emailed.

Choose your special number

Finishers of the Procam Slam will have their special no. running bib, displaying the no. of Slams completed.

Entry fees waived off

Entry fees waived off for any one of the Procam feature races held between 1st April and 31st March of the subsequent year.

Extended registration period

Extended registration period, for submission of application, to any of the Procam feature races, upto three weeks before the race. This allowance to a runner is applicable within the 4 year period, from his/her last completed Procam Slam.

Leaderboard Winners

Leaderboard Winners: Leaderboard will be based on the aggregate net finish time of each runner. After the closure of each cycle, top 3 overall male and female runners in each leaderboard will be entitled for prize money as given below.

(for runners completing feature races at all our 4 events consecutively, starting April 2019, within the specified cut-off time)
Rewards are subject to Terms and Conditions of Procam Slam


  1. To be part of the Procam Slam, the runner needs to individually apply for the feature race categories of each of the four running events consecutively. The runner will need to fulfil the application rules and guidelines of each Event without any exception, including pay the required applicable entry fees.There is no separate registration required for the Procam Slam.
  2. To be eligible for the Procam Slam, the runner should have fulfilled the appended qualification criteria drawn out by Procam for registering for the feature race of each Event.
    1. TCS World 10K Bengaluru confirmation criteria,
    2. Airtel Delhi Half Marathon confirmation criteria,
    3. Tata Steel 25K Kolkata confirmation criteria,
    4. Tata Mumbai Marathon,
  3. Post necessary verifications, names of the successful finishers of each cycle of Procam Slam and top 3 overall male and female winners of each leaderboard cycle, will be announced as per the timelines given below.
    1. Bengaluru – Mumbai cycle – By 28th February.
    2. Delhi – Bengaluru cycle- By 30th June.
    3. Kolkata – Delhi cycle – By 30th November
    4. Mumbai – Kolkata cycle- By 31st January.
    The same shall be communicated to the finsishers individually via email.
  4. A runner’s Procam Slam cycle shall commence from the Event he/she first registers and finishes (feature race category only), w.e.f. 1st April 2019. It is clarified that the runner will not be eligible for more than one Procam Slam cycle, from their 1st event till the 4th consecutive event.
  5. Successful finishers will receive their rewards as per timelines given below:
    1. Bengaluru – Mumbai cycle – By 31st March.
    2. Delhi – Bengaluru cycle- By 31st July.
    3. Kolkata – Delhi cycle – By 31st December.
    4. Mumbai – Kolkata cycle- By 28th February.
  6. All the rewards mentioned above are applicable only to the winners and are not transferable, cannot be changed or redeemed for cash or credit or any other purpose.
  7. Entry fees of successful Procam Slam finishers will be waived off for any one of Procam feature races, held within 12 months of last completed event of the Procam slam cycle.
  8. A special running number picked by the runner completing the Procam Slam cycle will be reserved for the runner for the next 4 years from completion of Procam Slam cycle. However, the runner is required to participate in and successfully complete the feature race of any one of Procam promoted distance running events, for the next 4 years. Where the runner does not run any one of the feature races of such Events during a said year, the reserved running number shall automatically stand released to Procam International.
    1. Such runner will be required to again successfully complete Procam Slam cycle (participate and finish in feature races of all 4 events consecutively) before the completion of the 4th year, to reclaim the same special number for the next 4 years, subject to availability and subject to Procam Slam terms and conditions in force at such point in time.
  9. Procam slam rewards and services are applicable for feature races only. Participation via event app will not be considered for Procam slam.
  10. Only runners residing in India are eligible for the Procam slam rewards and services.
  11. Procam reserves the right to amend or alter the terms of the Procam Slam at any point in time. In the event of a reward being unavailable, Procam reserves the right to offer an alternative reward of equal or greater value. No requests for redemption for cash or kind shall be entertained.
  12. The decision of Procam International on successful finishers of Procam Slam shall be final and binding on all.